5 Weekly tips for working remotely!

We at VIP understand that it can be difficult to work remotely, so to make it easier we’ll be providing five tips every week that you can follow at home.

1. Have a Work Space

Having a space dedicated to focus on your tasks is essential when working remotely. When setting up your desk and/or space adding a few office-esque touches can encourage you to be more productive. Last but not least your chair, assuming you’ll be in this chair for most of the day you want to make sure you are comfortable as if you aren’t you may use this as an excuse to procrastinate and not do work.

2. Manage Your Time

The next essential tip is Time Management. This is crucial when working from home as managing your time right can help you meet SLA’s and deadlines. A great way to get started is with a do list making sure you prioritize any urgent tasks first and giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to do this. When tasks are done be sure to contact and inform your manager so they know you’re still being productive. However, be aware to still give yourself a break during your work hours to avoid tiring yourself out.

3. Communication

Regular communication can help the relations and workflow of you and your team, the best way this can be done is by having daily video and/or audio group meetings to discuss your daily tasks and daily accomplishments. Feel free to experiment between different software to see what is best and effective for you and your team. If you’re having trouble to choose one, we would recommend; Microsoft Teams, or Skype.

4. Get Dressed

It may be tempting to stay in bed and work in your pajamas, however research proves that washing and getting dressed can improve a state of mind and can psychologically prepare you for work.

5. Exercise

Last but not least, exercise. even though you’re working from home it is good to move about from time to time. This can mean jogging on the spot for a few minutes to having a short workout in your back garden.  Having a minute to yourself to have some fresh air can be a boost in motivation and can be just what you need in a time of high tension and stress.

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