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Published: 26/03/2018

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RootMetrics 2017

Choosing a Business Mobile Network? Best Provider in Hull Revealed

At VIP, we’re constantly examining the big mobile networks for the benefit of our business clients across the Humber region and beyond. It’s a competitive marketplace, with all the major providers investing heavily in their coverage and service in an effort to gain advantage across the UK.

But who is the best?

The latest mobile performance results (2nd half of 2017) from specialist mobile insights consultancy RootMetrics are now in, revealing how the big four (EE, O2, Vodafone and Three) are performing at a regional and national level.

How it’s Scored

RootMetrics is an independent firm, and claims that its report offers the most comprehensive, scientific view of mobile performance in the UK.

As part of the nationwide programme, the company conducted 708,000 tests, using a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone – covering 22,048 miles around the UK. As part of the test, it also checked performance at 649 indoor locations.

Best Mobile Network in Hull and East Yorkshire

And the winner is…


It’s always been a tight race in our home region, and in the 1st half of 2017, it was a three-way tie. However, thanks to significant improvements to data performance, network reliability and call performance, EE has now edged ahead of the competition in the city and rural East Yorkshire, to record a convincing win.

Data performance

EE’s biggest improvement was in the 4G network and data performance, helping the network to cement its position as king of 4G. EE’s median upload speed increased from 9.2 Mbps to 15.8 Mbps, and it recorded the fastest median download speed, at 32.7 Mbps as well. By comparison, runner up Three achieved a median upload speed of 10.3Mbps over the same period.

Network reliability and speed

EE also took the RootScore Awards for both network reliability and network speed – finishing significantly higher (a score of 95.0 vs. 88.9) than the runner up in the network speed category.

Call and text performance

EE managed to finish top as part of a three way tie for call performance with Vodafone and Three, and tied for first with Vodafone and O2 for text performance. Its rate of mobile to landline blocked calls improved from 2.8% to 0.2%, with mobile to mobile blocked calls also falling from 2.8% to 0.2% in the same period.

National Results – EE Tops the Network Charts


It was a strong performance nationwide for EE, and it finished top overall in the RootMetrics tests – finishing number 1, or tying for number 1 in all the categories.

Going forward, RootMetrics did suggest that the other providers were set to close the gap. O2 had struggled with rural performance, and if that improved, it could find itself challenging for a top position once again. Vodafone had made significant improvements in early 2017, but didn’t manage to capitalise in the second half of the year.

Going forward, it’s positive news whichever network your business is on – all the major players are investing at the moment, in both existing infrastructure and future technology. Over 2018, we’re expecting to see the first steps towards future fibre plant and 5G networks.

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