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About US

VIP Communications (Hull) Limited are one of the UK’s leading independent business mobile communication providers.

Founded in 1995, by current Managing Director Ian Stainthorp. VIP can boast a wealth of exceptional experience and technical knowledge gained from over 20 years of working with the UK’s biggest brands and reputable networks in the industry.

We are based on the Saxon Business Park in Hessle, East Yorkshire. We support the latest proven mobile business solutions currently available on the market, providing handsets, mobile tablets, mobile data and cost-effective savings to businesses throughout the UK.

In addition, we provide an affordable hosted VoIP service, with an agile solution for every type of business. This allows you to make telephone calls over the internet, with low running costs and a superior quality system tailored to your needs.

Mobile Device Management

Manage, monitor and secure your entire mobile device suite.

Why choose us?

Trusted by businesses across the UK – You’ll benefit from our established relationships with all the leading networks, and a proven track record in providing the right mobile phone solutions for businesses of all sizes, in every industry.

Advanced Reporting and Transparent Billing – You’ll get useful business intelligence designed to help you drive cost savings throughout your organisation, and honest, transparent billing for predictable, controllable spend.

VIP Customer Service for Everyone – Whether it’s hardware, software or networks, we will provide the support you need, quickly and to your complete satisfaction. The best part? VIP support is included free as part of every package.

Fixed IP

Access and monitor devices remotely no matter the location.


‘Internet of Things’ & ‘Machine 2 Machine’ are ways devices who require connectivity to communicate do so. Automate your business processes with our bespoke SIMs to make your business even more productive.

  • Various data increments available with the option of aggregated data pools, therefore minimising the risk of data charges.
  • Single network or multi network SIMs available, take advantage of using the best service in your area at a fixed cost.
  • Static/Fixed IP status available across various networks providing a secure direct connection for your business.
  • 30 day rolling SIMs available for short term works or temporary connectivity requirements.
  • Backup SIMs that expand their usage as you need it so you pay for what you use. A perfect solution for disaster recovery.

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