Fixed IP

Access and monitor devices remotely no matter the location.

Fixed IP SIMs are SIM cards which come with a fixed IP address. A fixed IP address is an address number assigned to a network device. Fixed IP addresses don’t change. An IP address identifies a computer or other device that is connected to the internet. The IP address is how information and data are routed to a specific computer.

Fixed IP SIMs can be used in almost any device which requires a connection to the internet; from phones, routers and tablets to CCTV cameras and vending machines.

VIP offer a wide range of data allowances using the major networks and various ways to access said data either individual allowances, data pools or data aggregation.

One of the major benefits of using a fixed IP SIM, you can access and monitor the device remotely. The IP address remains the same, which makes monitoring and managing devices quick and simple.

Construction, security, transport, and healthcare are just a few of the sectors we are currently supplying fixed IP SIMs to. Disaster recovery is a great opportunity to utilise fixed IP SIMs as a back-up should primary services fail or as a temporary solution until services are installed or where a typical service is not available.

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