VIP Digital offer a wide range of bespoke business websites.



VIP Digital is the newest and fastest growing members of the VIP Group of Companies based in Hessle, East Yorkshire.

We offer a total design and hosting service for bespoke, affordable business applications. Our process is fully managed from the first design to the application launch.

As well as increasing your business profile, VIP Digital can also offer full maintenance and quarterly analysis of the app’s performance, including our recommendations for maximising the applications efficiency.

Paperless Solutions

Embrace technology, replace paper.

Mobile Apps

VIP Digital can offer a wide range of bespoke mobile apps for your business.

Why Choose us?

Designed for any user and specification – our mobile applications are totally customised to your requirements, built for a wide range of users and businesses.

  • Want to go green? – we can help your business go green with paperless solutions – click here to find out more.
  • Require a unique solution? – VIP Digital offer dynamic business software through our highly recommended partner, We Are Sauce. Click here to find out more.