VIP Paperless Solution

Embrace technology, replace paper.

As the world of technology is continuously evolving, old systems and procedures are replaced, reviewed, or even removed completely. This constant progression of technology can be addressed be made easier with our Paperless Solution.

With The Paperless Solution, our aim is to save your business the needless time of dealing with paper forms and therefore unnecessary costs, whilst providing full control of all internal forms throughout the business.

The Paperless Solution is a bespoke internal application service brought to you by VIP Digital. We take existing paper documents of any size and complexity required by businesses and turn them into a digital, easy to use format. These forms can be completed anywhere on a variety of devices, by Mobiles, Tablet and Desktop. Once submitted, forms are collated in a user-friendly portal to be managed, exported, and reported for your business’s needs.

Documentation for Vehicle Millage, Holiday Requests, Timesheets, Orders, Certifications, Job Sheets, Servicing Bookings, Disclaimers or even just General Memos? The Paperless Solution can help make these a thing of the past and bring these documents into the 21st century.

Additional Functionality includes:

  • Send documents to your customers in their very own portal.
  • Create and allocate jobs to any user within the business.
  • Upload company documents, bespoke guidelines, and specific certificates.
  • GPS Tagging

Our fully bespoke forms are designed to your requirements, with logo’s, colour schemes and any additional information required. The form features include:

  • Pre-populated lists
  • Image Capturing
  • Signature Capturing
  • Input Tables
  • Mandatory Fields

All we need to get a trial set up; is an idea of the existing documents you are looking to implement. Once received, our team will start work on making a Digital Demo and sent directly to you within 2 working days.

Complete documentation the easy way with Paperless Solutions.