EV Charging

Enjoy huge savings, improve your carbon footprint and overall employee satisfaction.

VIP Energy can now offer Electric Vehicle Charging for your business

With EV Charging your business can enjoy huge savings, improve your carbon footprint and improve overall employee satisfaction. To make it even more attractive, the Government are providing financial support and enhanced capital tax allowances to business’s across the UK. You could receive up to £10k to support the installation of EV Charging Points with the WCS government grant.

With an estimated 9 million Electronic vehicles expected on the roads by 2030, your business needs to take advantage of the huge benefits currently available. Not only will you be become a more sustainable business and reduce fuel costs, you will enhance your brand recognition and inspire other businesses to follow suit enable the mass adoption of EV’s. This simple and affordable solution will help you gain a competitive advantage, whilst attracting employee’s and customers through advertisement and potential commercialisation.

Furthermore, we have access to Europe’s largest and most diverse range of units, including full electric and hybrids. Therefore, allowing your business to personalise a wide range of charging points, ensuring you will look as smart as the technology.

Good for Business

Put your business in the driving seat with EV Charging by accelerating your brand recognition.

  • Lower your current running costs.
  • Increase maintenance savings.
  • Generate Indirect Profits.

Good for the Planet

By going electric, your business will contribute to the global efforts of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Improve air quality, notably in urban areas.
  • An electronic vehicle will cut your greenhouse gas emissions in half in comparison to none EV models.
  • Decarbonise Transport.


VIP Energy, alongside our Partner Fidelity Energy, will handle every aspect of the process.

This includes the initial consultation to the installation and maintenance. Furthermore, we will ensure your business benefits from the government funding available (Workplace Charging Scheme).