Every business should have CCTV in todays society, no matter the size and type of building. With an increase in vandalism, thefts and robberies, having the latest cutting edge of security solution in CCTV will be one of the best investments for your business. VIP Installations will listen to your requirements and provide the CCTV solution to ensure your business’s property is completely safe and secure.

Protect Your Infrastructure

All business’s need to keep any technological infrastructure and pieces of equipment safe. If any of these items are stolen or damaged, this could have a significant impact on the performance of your business. With any interference in performance comes financial losses, with potential declines in productivity and communications.

VIP Installations can help prevent any crimes occurring on your premises with the latest CCTV solutions. With a wide variety of cameras to choose from, we will work with you closely with you to create the best solution and visual crime deterrent possible. Our systems have multi-cameras inputs and large storage options that will enable all corners of your building and facilities to be monitored 24/7. Even if you’re not based at a specific site or building, our Smartphone media viewing enables the specific members of staff to have access to real time viewing, wherever they might be.

Create a safe working environment

CCTV gives you eyes to monitor everything in your business. It provides a reassurance not just to any customers in your building but contributes to a feeling of protection for employees. This will enable greater production levels as they feel more relaxed and safer from any vulnerabilities from the public or another member of staff.

Although it is important to build up a level of trust with your employees and keep them safe at work, you need to ensure they working as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our CCTV solutions can monitor all employees, creating a greater insight into what happens daily in your business. This provides an indication to which members of staff are potentially not working to their full capacity.