VoIP for Interactive Technology

Enhancing your working life!

How we collaborate and present information to a large group has changed over the years, and the whiteboard has quickly become a fixture within the office environment and is also widely used as a front-of-class aid to learning within the education sector.

Advancements in technology are constantly transforming every aspect of working life, with SMART Boards being at the forefront. The SMART Board technology provides a great way to interact with business colleagues and enhances the visitor experience for anyone visiting your premises or school.

Why us?

VIP Solutions have vast knowledge and experience of working in both the education and business sectors. We offer a wide range of interactive screens and can help you to choose which best suits your specific business or educational requirements.

The VIP team will manage the installation and configuration of all hardware and software, and will be right there to support you in the process of getting up and running with all your new technologies.

On top of this, our VIP Digital team are here to work alongside you in creating and developing bespoke applications or paperless solutions to help your business run smoothly in this digital age.

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  • Improved learning and sharing of information
  • Increased level of engagement
  • Work with remote teams effortlessly
  • Work together in real time, collaborate, and annotate