Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Certified to upload apps to both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Through our internal team, VIP Digital offer a wide range of bespoke business mobile applications. Mobile applications in our portfolio range from customer interaction applications to business efficiency applications with our Paperless Solutions.

With technology becoming more and more advanced each year, mobile devices have become part of our day to day life. Businesses have been on the forefront of this growth, and having readily available information for your customer can set you apart from the competition. With applications uploaded to all of the main application stores, a bespoke mobile application could increase your business profile as well as supporting any of the following:

  • Quotes – With a simple form your customers can request information or quotes, send pictures to help the quoting process, or just start the conversation via the mobile app.
  • Customer Service – Most businesses have contact channels that operate around a phone call or email. Set yourself apart using a feedback form. Why have your customer call when they can just send the information over to you and you can get back to them with a solution?
  • Orders – Having your product catalogue online increases sales for any business. Your product range could be accessible anytime, anywhere, with a custom-built store on your own bespoke application.

As all of the applications we provide are designed and built especially for each customer, the possibilities of what we can achieve to help your business evolve are endless. At VIP Digital we pride ourselves on bringing the latest technology to all of our customers. With our friendly in-house team why not explore the possibility of what a mobile application can do for your business today.


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  • Boost brand recognition
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Build customer loyalty with increased recognition
  • Quick and effective customer and employee engagement