Paperless Solutions

Paperless Solutions

Embrace technology, replace paper.

As the world of technology evolves around us old systems and procedures are replaced, reviewed or even removed completely. This constant movement can be made easier with our Paperless Solutions.

Paperless Solutions is an internal application service brought to you by VIP Digital. In an effort to go green and reduce our carbon footprint VIP Digital removed almost all of the paper element to how we operate. With this being a huge success, we then started offering this service to our customers. Paperless Solutions takes an existing paper document required by any business and turn this into a digital from that once submitted will be emailed directly to the designated recipient.

Does your business use documentation for Vehicle Millage, Holiday Requests, Procurement Orders, Accounts Details, Servicing Bookings or even just General Memos? Paperless Solutions can help make these a thing of the past and bring these documents into the 21st century.

As well as basic text and number fields our simple forms have the ability to;

  • Select options from pre-populated lists
  • Add Images
  • Add sketches of jobs/incidents
  • Input calendar dates
  • Pin the users current GPS location

All we need to get a trial form to you is a copy of the existing document. Our team will start work on making this Digital but do not fear, if documents are sensitive, we can also lock these behind a log-in page to ensure no one have access to anything they should not see.

Never have to chase another document or complete it again because you lost it in the car park trying to remember 15 different things whilst juggling a briefcase and a service station coffee that is way too hot. Complete documentation the easy way with Paperless Solutions.

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  • Simplifies document organisation
  • Communicate faster
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Automatic backups
  • Share and transport files with greater efficiency and ease