VIP Installations offer the latest Vehicle tracking solutions that allow businesses to manage their fleet through a variety of functionalities. These functionalities provide intelligent support to deliver a comprehensive overview of your vehicles and their assets in real time. Our systems allow you to manage vehicle costs and schedules as well as monitoring locations to enhance your fleets performance.

Vehicle tracking features:

  • Real-time tracking and updates.
  • Posted speed limits and monitoring.
  • Historical activity reports.
  • Maintenance reminders.
  • Geo-fencing.
  • User log-ins.
  • Estimated fuel costs.
  • Vehicle trends and projections.
  • Live traffic notifications.

How will the implementation of vehicle tracking benefit your business?

With several features available to your business by installing a vehicle tracking solution, VIP Installations can guarantee major benefits.

  • Reduce costs – Vehicle tracking systems allow greater financial management. With the ability to manage fuel consumption and identify any poor driving behaviour, businesses can produce guidelines to keep unnecessary costs down.
  • Improve driver’s safety – with live traffic notifications and posted speed limits, drivers will be able to locate the safest route possible whilst following the correct speeds.
  • Improve customer service – Once VIP Installations fits your vehicle tracking system, the process of organising jobs will become easier to manage. This creates a greater service for your customers as you can give them accurate arrival times.
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  • Ensures the safety of your drivers and trucks
  • Improves fuel management
  • Improves administration and time management
  • Numerous vehicle tracking features
  • Keep unnecessary costs down