Vehicle CCTV

Vehicle CCTV

VIP Installations provide CCTV solutions that are proven to protect your vehicle and drivers. No matter the type of business, our bespoke Vehicle CCTV systems will eliminate blind spots and improve the behaviour of your drivers. Your business will also be protected from any false claims as well as a reduction in accident rate.

Why Vehicle CCTV?

  • Asset protection – If your vehicles transport goods or store tools and equipment, it is important that these are protected from any theft or vandalism. With In-vehicle CCTV, all angles are covered inside the vehicle with our multi camera options, so your goods are always monitored.
  • Live monitoring – VIP Installations can provide live viewing options through 3G. Fleets of large vehicles will benefit as they will be able to view everything around them and eliminate blind spots.
  • Secured footage – Our systems have longer recording times as well as large storage space. This ensures all drivers are protected as full journeys will be recorded and stored on a memory card. These recordings are therefore secure, and any risk of lost footage will be minimal.

Who will benefit from Vehicle CCTV?

  • Drivers – any allegations of driving offenses will be able to be caught live and therefore you can defend your drivers if falsely accused.
  • Employers – the use of Vehicle CCTV will reveal any unsafe driving behaviour, allowing detailed driving reports to be created.
  • Insurers – Vehicle CCTV will lead to a decrease in the frequency of accidents as claims will receive actual proof with live recordings.
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  • Prevents theft
  • Protects against insurance claims
  • Monitors drivers and passengers behaviour
  • Large storage space to ensure full journeys are protected
  • Benefits large and small fleets