Vehicle Tracking & Dash Cams

Front facing cameras are considered an essential tool in decreasing the likelihood of accidents and preventing fraud. Ultimately, helping save lives on the road as drives become more aware of road safety.

Why front facing cameras?

Simplify Any Claims

Dash cams are the best witnesses on the road. They are always live, with a high-quality view of what’s happening in front of your vehicle. In 2015, major insurance providers proclaimed that they will accept front facing camera footage as evidence in the event of a claim. Therefore, this allows your company to simplify any claims, as clear evidence in the event of an accident will be been recorded. This will shorten the amount of time your driver and vehicle are off the road and consequently save your business money.

Prevent Fraud

Initially, front facing cameras were introduced to tackle ‘crash for cash’ fraud. This is where motorists deliberately crash into vehicles of innocent drivers to submit false claims for accidents. These fraudsters cost the UK around £340 million each year and ultimately put peoples lives in danger. Our unobtrusive front facing cameras film in a continuous loop, so you don’t have to worry about the storage on the memory card. Therefore, they are always live, recording real-time footage no matter the size and location of the journey. This ensures drivers and their businesses they will have clear evidence as well as a visual deterrent to prevent these claims from occurring.