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Business Mobiles

Working with the UK's major networks

This allows us to find the best tariffs to meet your requirements.

Our Bespoke Billing Service

This is a free unique service which allows us to break down your spending, helping you to monitor and reduce costs.

Outstanding Customer Care

With guaranteed access to our team within working hours, we are able to assist you with anything you might need.

Technical Support

We want to make sure you are always supported whilst you are with VIP. We offer technical advice and on -site assistance across the range of products provided.

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What we do for you

Our business mobiles are made to help you reduce costs, with flexibility that you wouldn't get anywhere else.

With our bespoke billing service, we can help to monitor your spending helping us to advise you on how to cut costs.

As we partner with the UK's major networks, we are able to find the best personalized deal for your requirements.

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Separate your work life from your personal life

Why would you need Business Mobiles?

Business Mobiles are great for boosting productivity and monitoring your costs.

With our Mobile Device Management, you are able to restrict apps, usage and so much more. This allows your work mobiles, just be work mobiles.

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Customer Care

Our Customer Care is unlike no other. We have an in house team on hand to help you with any questions or changes that you might have about your account.

Whether that is you need to add roaming abroad, you need something extra or if you are needing a to ask a question, we will be here all the way.

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Free Service

Bespoke Billing

This service is designed to help you take control of your mobile costs and help to breakdown overspend.

Every month we will send you a detailed bill going over every spend on your mobiles, where you went over and our advice on how to cut these costs.

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Your Business Mobile

We have a wide range of business mobiles to choose from here at VIP Communications.

We also stock new products so your business can keep up to date.

Level up your Business Communications today with VIP Communications

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