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Voice Over Internet Protocol allows you to make calls over the internet, instead of the traditional phone line.

The Big Switch Off means the removal of PTSN and ISDN lines, which means every business with a landline will need to switch to VoIP by the end of 2027. Find out more about VoIP here.


Lower Costs


Higher Scalability


Increased Functionality


Clearer and improved call quality


Softphone Flexibility


Are you ready

Big Switch Off

Contact VIP Communications today to see what VoIP Phone options we can provide your business.

We understand every business has different needs, thats why we have a wide range of VoIP Phone systems that we can  tailor to your business needs.

People calling on VoIP

Why would my business need VoIP?

VoIP provides a platform that improves scalability and functionality over a cloud-based phone system.


Improvements in call quality, accessibility and most importantly the lowering of costs are also key components of a VoIP system.

All businesses that still have a local business number will require VoIP before "The Big Switch Off" (the removal of PSTN & ISDN lines)

What makes us different?

Bespoke Monthly Billing Reports -

Every month you will recieve a bespoke report breaking down your monthly spend. This will break down any over spend, such as international or premium calls. This service was designed to help you reduce costs.

Customer Service

We don’t charge any maintenance for VoIP, and are always an email, call or drive away from any questions, queries, and issues.​

VoIP Handset

Low Costs – Over the last 12 months, we have saved over 95% of our customers money in comparison to their previous landline system.

Softphone – Every extension receives a free softphone. This is a login to a mobile app or web-based application that allows businesses to increase flexibility, productivity, and accessibility from anywhere. 


Men on Scaffolding

Martin Rea

Commercial Scaffolding

"Based on our experience with VIP VoIP, I would highly recommend them to other businesses. They have been professional and transparent throughout the process and have built a VoIP solution that suits our complete requirements with a high-quality product and service!"

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