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JZ Flowers International

Jonathan Price, Systems Administrator

"Mobile communication is important to us. VIP have brought down our costs and taken away the headache of analysing our bills, but at the same time ensured our key staff had the right package so they could continue to work when travelling around the UK, EU and USA. VIP’s customer service has been faultless, communication is great and additional phones and SIM cards have been with us on the same day we requested them."

About JZ Flowers

JZ Flowers is a leading producer of floral bouquets for retailers in the UK. Based in the UK with significant operations in Holland, Ireland and the USA. Its experienced team works with several worldwide suppliers and partners to meet its customers’ horticultural needs.

The VIP Solution

VIP Communications worked with JZ Flowers to ensure the correct bundles were chosen with their tariff due to the international nature of their business. This, combined with our free online billing service, has saved JZ Flowers significant time and money in their global operations.

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